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Who are the Apostles of Perpetual Adoration?

The Apostles of Perpetual Adoration were founded by Archbishop Barry James Hickey of Perth and Father Douglas Harris in 2006 as a public Association of Christ's Faithful in order to fulfill Mary's mission of having her Son adored perpetually. In 2010 the Apostles of Perpetual Adoration were renewed as a public Association of Christ's faithful on a permanent basis by Archbishop Hickey.

From the approved Statutes: " ...The Society will be called Apostles of Perpetual Adoration. Both Archbishop Hickey and Fr. Harris will be founding members..."

What are the Aims and Charism?

Firstly to promote Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, especially Perpetual Adoration in Parishes.

Secondly to strive for the highest level of sanctity for the Glory of God.

Thirdly to strive that all peoples will attain the highest level of sanctity.

Who are the members?

The members include priests, deacons, consecrated brothers and sisters, single and married lay people. The Association is open to all those 18 and above who agree with the charism of the association.

Priests in APA are vowed to celibacy and promised to obedience.

The consecrated brothers and sisters make promises (called private vows in Canon Law 1192, 1196, 1197) of poverty, celibacy and obedience.

Single and married lay men and women make promises (private vows) of chastity and obedience.

Our members are found in many countries around the world and some of our priests and other members travel from country to country promoting Perpetual Adoration. Others travel within their country going from diocese to diocese to promote PEA. Others within their own diocese going from parish to parish. Some of the recent places our members have been working to establish chapels of PEA are Indonesia, Latvia, South Africa, Kenya and other countries in Africa, China, the US and Australia.

The contemplative consecrated brothers within the APA are called Little Eucharistic Brothers of Divine Will.

What are the prayer obligations?

Priests, deacons, non-religious consecrated brothers and sisters are obligated to attend or serve daily Mass and pray the Divine Office. They are also to do a daily Holy Hour. The men must do at least one of their Holy Hours each week between 12 midnight and 6 am. Lay members do a Holy Hour each week on the roster at a parish which has Perpetual Adoration if possible.

Who is the moderator or leader of the Apostles of Perpetual Adoration?
Father Doug Harris in 2006 when he founded the community

Father Douglas Harris is the moderator or leader of APA. He is also the parish priest of St Bernadette's Glendalough in the Archdiocese of Perth. He has also been appointed as the Chaplain (by Archbishop Hickey) in charge of promoting Eucharistic Adoration in the Archdiocese of Perth. He is also the Chaplain of the Divine Will Movement in Perth Archdiocese and the Chaplain of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community and a number of other groups. He has helped open many chapels in Australia and Indonesia.
Father Doug Harris in May 2013 at St Bernaette's Church

What is an Association of Christ's Faithful?

Associations of Christ's Faithful are distinct from the Institutes of Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life in which the Christian faithful, either clergy or laity, or both together, strive by common effort to promote a more perfect life to foster public worship, or to exercise other apostolic works, namely to engage in efforts of evangelisation to animate the temporal order with the Christian spirit. The associations often have within their membership consecrated men and women who are full members of the association and under the governance of the association's moderator. Some examples of non-religious consecrated Brothers and Sisters are - Consecrated Brothers and Sisters of the Emmanuel Community, Regnum Christi, Consecrated Brothers and Sisters of the Beatitudes Community, Focolare Movement, Communion & Liberation.

Who is our Patron?

We are under the patronage of Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament whose feast day is May 13.

Where is the 'mother house'?

The 'mother house' is in the parish of St Bernadette's Glendalough in Perth Western Australia where the Moderator is the Parish Priest.

How can you contact us?
You can visit us at St Bernadette 49 Jugan Street Glendalough Western Australia or email Father Doug on

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