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Perpetual Adoration in Indonesia

Perpetual Adoration in Indonesia

 Fr. Hugh Thomas CSSR and another priest from Australia (Father Doug Harris of the Apostles of Perpetual Adoration) have been
establishing Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration throughout Indonesia since
2006. In that year perpetual adoration was established in Surabaya in a
Catholic hospital. Also, in Kuta, Bali, in the parish of St. Francis

In 2007 these two priests attempted to start perpetual adoration in
Kalimantan, in Sempit. However, it is still a work in progress as very few attended the seminar. However, a chapel was established in Semarang in Java.

In 2008 a chapel was established in Manado in Sulawesi. Many miracles
continue to occur in these chapels. In the chapel in Manado, Sr.
Bernadette was paralysed until she was healed during a Holy Hour. Also, ayoung woman had her handphone stolen. She prayed a Novena of 9 Holy Hours. On the day she completed her ninth Holy Hour her phone was returned with more than enough money to pay for all the calls the thief had made.

A young man named Rainier decided to commit to one Holy Hour a week
because a friend of his was doing one Holy Hour everyday. Today, Rainier
does one Holy Hour everyday except Sundays when he does two.

In 2009 a second visit to Sulawesi resulted in a chapel in Tomohon. Then
to Flores. The first chapel was in Maumere. Bishop Kheribum has built an
impressive chapel for perpetual adoration. The Bishop does a Holy everyday from 8pm to 9pm. In Maumere the local schools have Holy Hours for the children.
A businessman in Maumere committed to Mondays 1am to 2am. However, after
sometime he stopped going because he got lazy. Then he lost an important
document which negatively effected his business. One Monday morning before 1am his phone rang twice, just enough to wake him up. He then realized it was time for his Holy Hour, so he went to the chapel. As soon as he was in the presence of Jesus he knew where the document was. Today, he and his wife will never miss their weekly Holy Hour in the middle of the night.

Then a chapel was opened in Waitabulla in Sumba. Fr. Hugh Thomas revisited Sumba in 2012 to find that the parish priest is still doing a Holy Hour from 4am to 5am everyday. Next a chapel was established in Bandung, Java with the help of Mr. Herry Respati from Kuta.

In 2011 three chapels established in the diocese of Ruteng. In Borong,
Ruteng and Labuan Baju. In Labuan Baju there was already a chapel of
Adoration in the Seminary. There, a paralysed woman received partial
healing. During her Holy Hour she discovered she could walk for the firsttime in 7 years, however she still has some pain.

A Moslem school girl was unable to talk for over a month. Her Moslem
father did a Novena of 9 Holy Hours. As a result his daughter was healed. Also, a deaf and dumb Moslem man was healed after a Novena of Holy Hours.
A man had kidney failure until he completed a Novena of Holy Hours. A
couple of 6 years marriage were unable to conceive. On the ninth day of a Novena she was pregnant. There have been cases when people have been freed from demonic possession. On one occasion a family brought to the chapel a male member who was possessed. He was freed as the family prayed for him there.
The seminary had a serious water shortage. The priests in the Seminary
often prayed for a solution. In the Adoration Chapel one priest felt that Jesus told him where to dig. At that spot they now have three litres of water per minute, enough for them and some of their neighbours.

In 2013 a chapel was opened in Ende, the capital of Flores, and also in
Bajawa. The Dean priest now does Mondays 1am to 2am.
In 2014 the plan is to open chapels in Larantuka, Adonara and another in
Sumba. There are many places in Indonesia that God wants chapels. For
example, Sumbawa, Sumatra Timor and everywhere there are people. Please
ask your priests and your Bishop to invite us by contacting Fr Douglas

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